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Maryland Pet Photographer


Adoptable Pets and
Charitable Events

I believe that giving back is the key to happiness.
I believe in compassion.
I believe in kindness.

My parents always told me "treat others as you wish to be treated" and I have lived by that mantra my entire life. I live my life to help others, and in doing so, I live a fulfilled life.

In addition to practicing kindness and compassion, I aim to give back through volunteering, fostering homeless animals, and giving my time and skills as a photographer to charitable organizations. Here I share some of my work through these efforts.

I feel very fortunate to be connected to so many other people who share these same beliefs, and I am so grateful for all that they do. Some of those people (and organizations they belong to) are:
Friends of Rocky Mount Animal Rescue
Feline Rescue Association
Animal Advocates of Howard County
Howard County Cat Club
TPoz (photographer)
Community Action Council of Howard County